The most inspiring TED Talks about creativity and entertainment


TED Talks have become synonymous with inspiration, and the topics covered are endless. When it comes to creativity and entertainment, TED has a plethora of talks that provide a platform for some impressive thinkers, innovators, and creators. These speakers have shared their insights into the world of creativity and entertainment, providing excellent ideas, and perspectives on what’s possible in the space. Here are some of the most inspiring TED talks about creativity and entertainment:

1. Ken Robinson – “Do schools kill creativity?”

This is the most viewed TED Talk of all time, with more than 65 million views and counting. In it, Sir Ken Robinson addresses the challenges of teaching creativity in schools. He questions the notion that academics are more valued over the arts and shares his belief that creativity should be valued as equally-important as academic achievement. He urges viewers to re-examine the way creativity and education is approached in schools, and advocates for the need for a more diverse education system.

2. Elizabeth Gilbert – “Your Elusive Creative Genius”

In her TED Talk, Elizabeth Gilbert explores the concept of creativity and where it originates. She talks about how it can be challenging to maintain creativity in all aspects of life, and how we should approach creativity and inspiration differently. She also discusses how our society’s expectations can be discouraging and why we should view the process of creating as something that’s not only rewarding but necessary.

3. Shonda Rhimes – “My year of saying yes to everything”

Shonda Rhimes is the creator of the hit shows “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” This TED Talk offers her advice on how to push boundaries to be more creative. For Rhimes, saying yes more often, especially to opportunities that challenge and inspire, opens up a world of possibility. She shares some of her own experiences in being more open in life, and how it helped her break free from self-imposed limitations.

4. Steven Johnson – “Where Good Ideas Come From”

Johnson’s TED Talk focuses on what inspires new ideas. He suggests that “chance favors the connected mind,” and that creativity can come from making connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. He explores the different innovations and ideas over the years that came from unusual environments, such as coffee shops, collaboration, and chance meetings. This talk is a fascinating exploration into how to think more creatively.

5. Brene Brown – “The Power of Vulnerability”

Brown is a celebrated research professor who focuses on emotional intelligence. In her TED Talk, she speaks about the importance of vulnerability when it comes to creativity. She shows how our perception of what makes us vulnerable can limit us, or cut us off from others. Brown talks about the importance of becoming comfortable with vulnerability and learning from it as it allows us to grow creatively.

In Conclusion, these TED Talks have helped to showcase the depth and breadth of creativity and entertainment, and how they can shape our lives. From the importance of education in developing creativity to how it can be cultivated, these talks provide inspiration and practical advice to improve oneself. They showcase new ways of thinking, encourage us to approach problems in different ways, and introduce new perspectives.

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