Understanding the benefits of microchipping your pet

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As a pet owner, the well-being of your furry friend is always a top priority. One important way to ensure their safety is by microchipping them. A microchip is a small, electronic device that is implanted under the skin of your pet, typically between their shoulder blades. The chip contains a unique identification number that can be read by a scanner, which allows your pet to be identified and returned to you if they ever become lost or stolen. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of microchipping your pet, and why it’s an important step in overall pet safety.

Reunite Lost Pets with Their Owners

One of the most significant benefits of microchipping your pet is the increased likelihood of reuniting them with their owners if they ever become lost. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association(AVMA), only 22% of lost dogs and less than 2% of lost cats that enter animal shelters without identification are reunited with their owners. In contrast, the return-to-owner rate for microchipped dogs is over 52%, and for microchipped cats, it’s more than 38%. A microchip is essentially a permanent identification, that helps your pet’s get home faster, safer, and save you from spending money on finding a new pet.

Complements Identification Tags for Pet Safety

While identification tags with your contact information are useful, they are often lost or removed. Microchipping provides an extra layer of protection to ensure your pet can be identified if they lose their tags. Placing the microchip under the skin is more secure and avoids risks that may come with traditional collars. In addition, unlike some dog collars that may fall off or break, microchips last the lifetime of your pet and cannot be removed.

Provides Vets with Vital Medical Information

Microchipping your pet can also provide vets with important medical information. Some microchip brands include an updateable feature where owners can provide vet contact and vaccination information. This can save time and, more importantly, could give your pet better visibility for care treatment if they’re ever involved in an incident.

Makes Traveling with Your Pet Safe and Less Stressful

If you plan to travel with your pet, microchipping is an essential requirement, particularly if you’ll be traveling abroad. Most airlines and countries have mandatory requirements for pet identification. Microchipping is typically required as part of the process. It also reduces the stress that comes with getting separated from your pet in places you’re unfamiliar with, like airports. This way, it’s easy to identify and reunite with your pet, regardless of the situation.

In conclusion, microchipping is an excellent way to protect your pet. It provides peace of mind knowing that they can be identified and reunited with you if they ever become lost or stolen. Additionally, enabling vets to find critical care information can only result in better care for your pet. It’s a quick, straightforward, and painless process that could end up saving your pet’s life.

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